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Battle for Mosul

  Breaking: What defines victory for Iraq in Mosul

Basra news today

2016/10/24 | 13:01 Police Overwhelmed as Drugs from Iran flood Basra Iraq Business News

2016/10/12 | 15:01 Iraq to cut Basra Oil Exports in November Iraq Business News

2016/10/09 | 13:01 Interview: Chairman of Oil & Gas Cmte of Basra Council Iraq Business News

2016/09/28 | 06:01 Iraq opens new antiquities museum in Basra topix

2016/08/09 | 20:45 Protesters Demand Jobs in Basra Iraq Business News

2016/05/26 | 07:00 Basra security reinforced amidst unrest near oil sites Iraq Oil Report

2016/05/24 | 21:01 Demand Increases for both Basrah Light and Basrah Heavy Iraq Business News

2016/05/17 | 19:00 3 people wounded in armed clash between 2 tribes in Basra Iraq News Today

2016/05/13 | 13:30 Increased Basra Crude Exports in June Iraq Business News

2016/04/14 | 02:00 Iran gas pipeline crosses into Basra Iraq Oil Report

2016/03/23 | 23:30 Basra pushes toward financial autonomy Iraq Oil Report

2016/02/11 | 17:30 New tariffs choke Basra commerce, prompt protests Iraq Oil Report

2016/01/18 | 17:30 Welcome to Iraqi Basra’s new-found status Ekurd Daily News

2016/01/16 | 14:30 Baghdad Sends Reinforcement to Basra Bas News

2015/12/20 | 14:16 Basra Crude Exports to Rise in January Iraq Business News

2015/12/20 | 13:46 Basra to get $5/barrel in 2016 Budget Iraq Business News

2015/12/16 | 13:56 Japan considers opening consulate in Basra Iraq News Today

2015/12/14 | 16:16 APR Energy Extends Basra Contract Iraq Business News

2015/11/29 | 14:07 Jaafari asks Japan to set up Tech Institute in Basra Iraq Business News

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